Why Choose Us

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose an ALT consultant

Professional Architectural Design Service

  1. Every aspect of planning, supported by professionals in its field.
  2. Integrated planning coordination too smooth the planning process and minimize the planning errors.

Integrated Design Solution

The multidisciplinary planning system (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Interior, QS, Construction Management) is carried out in an integrated manner.

  1. Holistically and comprehensive planning process.
  2. Supported by a wide networking in construction industry, (building contractors, specialist, supplier, specialist consultant, operators, etc) who will help client to plan the project.

Best Consideration For Your Business

  1. We also provide every client pre-feasibility services to help the client for determine the right program for his project / site.
  2. Capable to provide analysis of costs in relation to benefits to help client define the right decision for his project investment.